Kuji Hachimangu Religious festival Ritual
(Shinto event/God Promotion/Toutou/Ondekoza/Horseback archery)About
Type Sado cultural property(Intangible Folk)
Specified date Day June 1989
Location Sado Shimokuji
Administrator Society for the Preservation of Kuji Hachiman Shrine Shinto festival
(Nozaki Toutou Preservation Society/Preservation Society Ondekoza Shimokuji/Preservation Association Yabusame Hachimangu)
  Bridesmaid muffled house of Archer on September 13, this ritual, salt draw on the 14th night of the festival events,
There is horseback archery event, is the Temple event.
Temple event, draw salt, Hinomoto festival 15 new palanquin carrying of miniature, Otabisho events, horseback archery is performed.
Outou from the district in the meantime Nozaki,Ondekoza from Shimokuji district,
Hanagasa dance from Jonokoshi district are dedicated.
We leave in the form of a ritual knowledge Hisashi Sato medieval festival, it is a precious thing that looks of the year 1405 "also known kuji Kyubun book."

Image of signs are described

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